heart wall lamp

January 8, 2011 § 83 Comments

We can all use a little love to light the night!

Believe it or not, this dazzling heart wall lamp cost me $3 to make.  Get out there for some bargain-basement clearance Christmas red lights if you must, because Valentine’s is around the corner and this light fixture project is a great one to accomplish with little investment (and also under little time).  I picked up a string of LED lights at Walmart on Tuesday this week for $1.75, down 75% from $7.  Come to think of it, even $7 is not too steep an investment, but I’m still very glad I bought it at the right time.  You can use foam board, as I have (which I picked up for $1 at the dollar store).  I think the material is sufficient for décor, considering this will go on the wall and rarely be handled.  But if you want something sturdier, there are other pricier and more demanding options such as masonite and plywood.

You will need a string of 35 lights, a sheet of foam board (cut a 13″ circle and keep the remnants for the wall backing), electrical tape, a craft knife, a pencil, and a cutting mat.

1. Draw a heart on the center of the circle and draw squares along the heart’s perimeter at 7/8″ apart, making sure the size of each square can fit the mount of the bulb.

2. Cut out the squares.

3. Carefully remove the light bulb from the mount.  You will not need this step if you have the older style of light bulbs.

4. Feed the mount through the back and feed the bulb through the front.  Make sure the bulb is floating somewhat — these lights don’t emit much heat at all, but it’s always great to have a safe precaution.

5. Continue steps 3 and 4 for all bulbs.  Tape down any loose, dangling wires.

6. Using 2″ wide strips of foam board, create a wall around the wires in order to hide them from sideview.  In hindsight, the only thing I would’ve changed is the shape of the wall around the wires.  I should’ve followed the shape of the heart.  Though it’s more meticulous, it’s worth not having the corners peep through when viewed from the wrong angle.

Thought this project is a great one to herald my third favorite holiday, after Halloween and Christmas, of course.  Lots more creative Valentine’s Day projects in store this month.  Can’t wait!

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