Who is behind these ideas?

Hi!  I’m Jeromina Juan, here to share with you the joys of crafting, entertaining, and travels.  Some tidbits about me and where I get my inspiration:

After many tests, including attempts at altering results, I am a proven ENFP – The Inspirer.  It sums up my unshaken need to take risks: skydiving solo (landing on my feet); starting a business (landing on my face and getting back up), driving with the gas light on…

A degree specializing in Architecture at the University of Toronto led me to designing custom wedding invitations for a living from 2006-2011.  My passion for paper started very early.  I was that little girl throwing tantrums at the mall (over stationery at Sanrio), to my mother’s chagrin.

An interest in cooking didn’t surface until the ripe age of 28.  With zilch culinary education, an ardent appetite drives my compulsion to make food (or versions of what I think food could be).

I always consider how things could be (both a blessing and a curse).  To keep inspired, I host educational parties for children on weekends.  During the work week, I coordinate utility design in a civil engineering firm.

I am often on a plane to the San Francisco Bay Area, California for my love, O.T.   Times in between, I reside in a suburb of T.O.  (Toronto, Ontario, Canada).  Since December of 2011, O.T. has relocated to the Hudson Valley in New York, and our travel distance has become much shorter.

I’d love to know what inspires you and how you approach the creative bug!  Kindly drop me a line about the crafty, foodie, jet-setting topics that interest you and that you would like to see more of over here at paper, plate, and plane.

Or let me know if my perspective can be of use in your publication, in print or online.  I am always up for a creative challenge and would love to bring new ideas to life.

§ 31 Responses to Who is behind these ideas?

  • Kate says:

    Hi Jeromina,

    I just discovered your blog…I can’t remember how but I’m so glad I did!

    Let me just start by saying WOW!!! I follow quite a few blogs (actually a LOT of blogs) and your blog is definitely right up my alley but also AMAZING!

    I’m a 27yr old stay-at-home mum of 3 handsome boys. 2 of which are starting school in the next week! I’m also from Australia. I love to craft too but your craftiness is stunning! Thank you for sharing your creative ideas!

    Look forward to your next post!


    • Jeromina says:

      Hi Kate,

      Thank you so much for your warm words. I’m really happy to hear that others feel inspired by the ideas I share on this blog. It makes all the effort worth it. Thank you for reading!

      I wish you a wonderful milestone next week with your little ones starting school! I’m sure they’ll have a lot of fun, and soon enough they’ll be bringing home all sorts of fun crafts they made at school. And you can have a wee bit more free time for yourself (maybe for some crafting, too!). 😀

      Best regards,

  • yetunguez says:

    I must echo your last commenter, your blog is amazing! So many awesome ideas here. I am having a party next weekend for my birthday and I can’t wait to use your idea of the food bouquets. I plan on using empty soup cans since I have quite a collection of them.
    I look forward to reading you more.

    • Jeromina says:

      Thank you! 🙂 I’d love to see the food bouquets you’ll be creating at your party next weekend. I’ll be checking out your blog for some pics — I hope you post some! I love that you are using cans instead of vases.

      It’s quite funny — tonight, I actually just started planning out a craft using soup cans. I’m still in the midst of collecting, I’ll need a few. 😀

      Happy birthday and have a wonderful party!

      • yetunguez says:

        Thanks for the b-day wishes! I didn’t get around to making the food bouquets but I will have them for a future gathering, and I’ll be sure to post pics. I can’t wait to see what you come up with for the cans. I have some other ideas as well.

  • I just read through your blog and I’m liking what I’m seeing 🙂 You have some seriously cool ideas. I made something very similar to your tin pie flowers last year, but out of paper. Seems like those pie tins are underused as a crafting medium, must come up with something to make with them 🙂 I have done some embossing with them but there must be more stuff to be made is what I’m thinking. Anyway, I’ll be following along to see what else you come up with 🙂

    • Jeromina says:

      Glad you’re enjoying the projects here, Titti! I agree, pie tins are definitely underused as a crafting medium. It’s always wonderful to craft with random objects found in the house or materials one wouldn’t normally pick up for crafting purposes. Most often, the results are out of the ordinary. 😀 Thanks for keeping posted!

  • Светлана says:

    Привет!!! Мне тоже очень понравился твой сайт!!! Интересные идеи! Спасибо!!

  • Anke says:

    I just found your blog via oneprettything, and I’ll visit you regularly from now on 😀
    It’s interesting to read about your personality, I can relate in many ways. And thanks for reminding me of the personality types, I am a 50:50 mix of ENFP and INFP, depending on the situation.
    By the way, I think San Francisco is the most beautiful city in the world!
    Greetings from Germany

    • Jeromina says:

      Hi Anke,
      I’m glad you found your way over here through One Pretty thing. Thanks for visiting the blog regularly. 😀
      Happy to know another ENFP is reading the blog and being able to relate! ENFP’s definitely have a lot of very positive energy and traits. As I settled into adulthood, I was boggled at my natural tendency to get so easily bored with the things in my life. It was only after I did the personality test many times over that I gained a better understanding of how to “cope” with my need to always do new things. Blogging definitely helps me with the ENFP traits of boredom. 😀 And travel, too. I agree, San Francisco is beautiful. And Germany, too — I went in 2005 to Frankfurt and Heidelburg and would love to go back to see Berlin, Munich, and of course Weimar (for giving life to Bauhaus!). 😀

      • Anke says:

        Ha, great, another Bauhaus fan 🙂
        Make sure to visit Stuttgart as well, I’ll show you the Bauhaus quarter and the Market Hall (lots of yummy food!).

  • TheBlackTwig says:

    I like your blog a lot. Keep it up!

    • Jeromina says:

      Thank you for reading! Hope you keep coming back. 😀

      • Lovie says:

        We stumbled more than here coming from the diitsnctive web site and imagined I might as very well check points out. I like what I see so i’m just following you. Seem forward to exploring your web page still again.

  • Gisele says:


    I love your blog and your craftiness is amazing! I just started a blog about crafting and inspiration too. I’m sure I’ll drop by often to get inspired!

    Thanks for sharing all the awesome ideas!

  • April says:

    Your blog is amazing Jeromina!! Martha Stewart better watch out!

    • Jeromina says:

      He he. Thanks, April! I applied for a crafting position at Martha Stewart in 2009 and still waiting for a call back. LOL!!! Maybe I shouldn’t hold my breath. 😦 However, it’s not going to stop me from crafting my heart out. 😀

  • Anonymous says:

    What an utter delight to stumble across your wonderful blog! Thank you for sharing your warmth and talents!

  • mel says:

    Hi Jeromina,

    I found your blog via the fine people at Apartment Therapy. Just wanted to say that as a fellow travel-junkie-twenty-something-ENFP-filipina, it’s great to see someone ‘just like me’ doing such creative and crafty things! it might sound silly, but the ‘just like me’ bit makes it extra inspiring.

    I like what you said about ‘coping’ with the tendency to get bored easily and the need to do something new..been feeling that a bunch lately, and your blog is helping to get me moving!

    Keep up the great work and thanks for the inspiration.


  • I’ve just discovered your blog and I LOVE it. Can’t wait to have a chance to dive into the archives. Your ideas are wonderful.

  • Hello to a fellow Canadian craft blogger! I’m enjoying reading through your posts, and so far I especially love your rolled paper Christmas ornaments. I’ve done some paper ornaments of my own (like these: http://nheilke.com/blog/?p=1796), but yours are something unique – I’ve never stumbled across any quite like them before. Very neat!

  • Nooshi Robertson says:

    Just discovered your site and I am so impressed (actually floored at the chess set in particular)! I can’t believe you’ve done all this in a year. Very impressive. Congratulations- I can’t wait to see what’s next.

  • Karen says:

    Ah ha…so you are the talent behind so many great ideas I’ve seen shared on other blogs (army draft dodgers, leopard potato prints, crystal crowns, et al…). I especially looooove today’s skull cap and you are fortunate to always be able to dress up on your birthday! Can’t wait for more goodies from your noodle…

  • Krista says:

    i found your blog through a link to the rolled paper ornaments… ingenious! (and i’m a fellow U of T grad & a Toronto native although i live in upstate NY now) your blog is lovely and inspiring!

  • Heidi says:

    Hey over there,

    I just l.o.v.e. your blog!
    It’s a wonderful mixture of crafting, beeing creative, photography and … your live!

    I really love it.

    Greatings from Germany,

  • FranT says:

    its a little late for christmas now but I am having so much fun going thru your Dec posts! I emailed four of them off to my mom, sister, etc. I love your blog! WTG with that thumbtack tree. I made a tree last year with soda can tabs and ribbon, but your trees are sublime:) happy day!

  • dubaigal says:

    Hi Jeromina,

    I was looking for patterns of Turkish tiles and I landed on your blog page “beans-by-number: Turkish Tiles. How amazing that you thought of using beans! I used to do bean art when I was a kid but I had forgotten all about it until now. I love the concept and will try it out soon. I also love the Turkish tiles. I’m living in Dubai and was on the net looking for oriental designs to embroider. I’m so glad I found your blog. If I do get a project off the ground, (not sure if I am an ENFP or not but I do get bored easily with long drawn out projects), I’ll let you know!
    All the best, Shannon

  • Hello Jeromina Juan,
    Thank you very much for your blog posts with your great inspiration!
    I just found your blog and showed to my son the post about paper rolling chess, I’ll send you what we together made paper chess by your great guideline.
    Thank you again,
    Keep the inspiration of life.

  • Rosel says:

    I loved that fairy tale wedding invitations you did for your friend, I am going to have my wedding next year and I want to try doing your invitation idea but couldn’t find any template for a castle that I could print. I don’t even know if you are still doing your blog but it would be nice if you can give any ideas.

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