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January 11, 2011 § 8 Comments

O.T. and I have short nightly reviews of my projects here.  He had little insight on yesterday’s leopard lunch bag luminaries other than “It’s okay, just not up to your caliber”.  It’s interesting to be told what isn’t my caliber, which leaves me to wonder what is.  Where is potato-stamping ranked along my yardstick of creativity?  I thought it through and know he isn’t altogether right.  Sure potato-stamping is a rudimentary craft, but it doesn’t mean the method will produce elementary results.  Not always.  Not if I can help it.

At the same time as I made the leopard luminaries, I fashioned these décor orbs using the same leopard potato stamps that have been well exploited on this blog for the past two posts (now make it three).

There’s little to this project other than said stamps (if you’re just tuning in, you can see me make leopard potato stamps on a previous post here),  styrofoam balls, acrylic paints, and some glossy podge.

I really wanted to leopardize a pair of canvas shoes when I realized I don’t own canvas shoes to begin with!  Darn, that would’ve been the best of the series, had the idea materialized.  I would love to see if any of you have leopardized any objects from home.  But alas, for me, this shall be the last time my lovely leopard makes its impression.  It’s been three days.  Potato stamps meet compost.  Compost, potato stamps.

leopard lunch bag luminaries

January 10, 2011 § 1 Comment

As promised, I set off on a potato-stamping spree. I made for the kitchen in search of some less-likely candidates to pre-exist in leopard print. The lunch paper bag beckoned!

I’ve been wanting to fashion some type of luminary craft over here, and my freshly carved leopard potato stamps were leaping to be used.

All you’ll need are said leopard potato stamps, brown paper lunch bags, scissors (if you want to have luminaries of varying heights, as I’ve created), dark brown paint, and black paint.  If you are just tuning in, I carved leopard prints out of russet potatoes yesterday, and you can click here to see how I made them.

I think these leopard lunch bag luminaries may be a brilliant choice to illuminate a chic outdoor party or even a bridal shower for the trendy bride (maybe on the rooftop?)!

*Now, lunch bag luminaries have made themselves present over the past decade, and I haven’t unearthed horror tales of fire mishaps using these things.  In fact, I have been to a successful party where at least 30 paper bag luminaries were lit, in the backyard of course!  The bags were filled with an inch of sand which acted both as niche for the tea light (in a tea light holder) and as a fire retardant (in case the luminary is accidentally budged.  I wouldn’t suggest using these indoors.*

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