creative gift wrapping: recessed monogram

December 10, 2010 § 5 Comments

In addition to gift wrap and scissors, you will need a pencil, a printed letter stencil, a craft knife, and mounting tape.

1. Wrap your gift without using any tape, making sure to center your pattern on the top of the box.

2. Unwrap and turn over.  Using a pencil, stencil the mirror image of the letter in the center of the area that is designated as the top of your box.

3. Using a craft knife, carefully cut out the letter.

4. Adhere mounting tape along the edge of the letter.  I used two layers of mounting tape to give a more recessed illusion.

5. Carefully align and adhere the top of the box to the designated area.

6. Wrap the gift completely.

 Tip: You will be left with a letter cut out of gift wrap.  Use this letter to monogram the card envelope or to make a greeting card.  A great match to the boxed gift.

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