crystal crowns

April 10, 2011 § 105 Comments

Okay, perhaps not exactly crystal.  More like plastic soda pop bottles and glitter  glue — that’s really all these glistening crowns are made of.

Make them in celebration of this month’s highly anticipated royal wedding or for your little princesses in waiting.  Though I wish I could say this is a craft for your princessholic kindergarteners to make, I can’t.  It is a project which requires the manual acuity of a seasoned glitter gluer — eight to eleven year olds would enjoy and be able to handle the accuracy of creating these crowns.

You can design your own crowns or use the templates I specifically designed for tracing — download the crystal crown templates here.

You will need:

a. A 2-liter plastic soda pop bottle.

b. Glitter glue.

c. A sharp pair of scissors and a little bit of tape.

1. Cut a 3″ high cylindrical piece of the plastic soda pop bottle.  Using two or three pieces of folded tape, affix your template behind the plastic, along the inside part of the bottle.  Using a marker, trace the outer lines of the template only.  Do not trace the details of the design.

2. Using a sharp pair of scissors, cut just inside of the lines you traced, making sure the lines are not left behind, as well as making sure to cut all around the circumference of the bottle.  You are left with the shape of a crown that is ready to be designed.

3. Again, using two or three pieces of folded tape, affix your template behind the plastic.  Using glitter glue, trace the design details.

4. Remove the template.  Let glitter glue dry for approximately two hours.

Place on the hair with bobby pins and feel like royalty!

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