bad blogger. bad.

April 13, 2012 § 2 Comments

Slap on the wrist.  Make that two.  I have two hands for typing afterall.  Apparently, I’ve been blogging since the early 1980’s at the age of 2… Image

Updates are to follow!  I want to share the verdict about the wedding once it’s written in stone — hoping to have it booked by next week.  I have my fingers crossed! There better be no blotches in the fine print, otherwise my super fantastic wedding of a lifetime will have to be put back to the drawing table.

Thank you SO much for all of your support and thoughtful replies and wonderful emails since my last post.  I have started to reply to comments from the previous post, but my eyes are now drooping.  1:00 am here and I am driving a whopping 750 km to New York tomorrow afternoon directly from the office (not the first time I’m doing this crazy solo drive since I last blogged).  I will continue with my replies when I’m back from New York.

Have a great weekend and enjoy my catch-up crafts coming right up!

§ 2 Responses to bad blogger. bad.

  • Gayla says:

    Well, nice to know the wedding plans are in motion. I had so many concerns for you after your last post. Life goes on. People change and you are definintely in that catagory. Maybe the blog will go on and maybe not but at any rate you are living life at it’s fullest. I’m just looking forward to my wedding invitation. LOL

  • Just pulled my head out of tax time land to check my blog list, and there you are : ) Clicking through now to see the next post!

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