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October 1, 2011 § 40 Comments

It’s October!  In a couple of days, paper, plate, and plane will turn one year old.  At the end of the month, I, too, will turn one year older.  I wanted to celebrate this wonderful month by giving away some cool crafty items.

With thirty two dollars in my pocket, two weeks ago, this diva-on-a-dime ran amok at my most favorite crafty source, Dollarama.  What can I get possibly get my dear crafty friends for thirty two dollars?!  (I guess it goes without saying — I’m turning thirty two on Halloween!).  (And oh, as much as this has a tone of sponsorship, it is certainly just me raving about Dollarama, as I often do, and hauling things out of my own pocket, as I’ve done for the past year to keep this blog alive and kicking).

Well, here goes a long list!  Ok, let’s take a look at what you’ll get.  I tried to keep in mind a variety of your crafty needs.  Let’s start with paper.  It is my first passion, afterall.

Art Blanc Notebook

Art Blanc books sell for as much as $11 at gift shops and book stores.  I was happily surprised to see Dollarama carrying this famous Russian line of luxurious, textured notebooks in their stationery aisle for a whopping $2.  It was so difficult to choose which design to include in this list of giveaways.  Of course, I chose the one that most looks like Turkish tiles (as you may know, I have a weakness for anything Turkish).  I happen to carry a huge notebook (yes, the traditional paper kind) with me at all times so I can scribble and doodle all of my ideas that eventually materialize on this blog.  I’ve never found electronic gadgets that efficient for this purpose.  I actually bought a tablet way back in 2007 and fast forward to 2011, I still very much prefer my good old paper notebook.

Handmade Indian Scrapbook Paper

These sheets are 100% cotton paper, with beautiful gold foil details.  There are two packs, each with 2 sheets of gorgeous handmade Indian paper.  A total of 4 sheets.  Size: 12″ x 12″ (30 cm x 30 cm).

Vintage Handmade Dimensional Stickers

Pretty 3-dimensional stickers layered with buttons, ribbons, rhinestones, and pearls.  There are three packs, each with 8 stickers.  A total of 24 vintage handmade stickers.

Decorative Butterflies

I’m not exactly sure if these colorful butterflies are made of paper, but these are perfect for scrapbookers.  I’m sure I’ve seen similar at craft stores for quadruple Dollarama’s price.  There are two packs, each with 3 butterflies.  Each butterfly is 2-1/2″ x 1-1/2″ (6 cm x 4 cm).

Laptop Stickers

These are intended for laptops, but they can also be for cellphones, printers, windows, walls, wherever you want to stick stickers that won’t stick forever.  These are the removable decals you’ve probably seen being sold everywhere.  Dollarama happens to sell them for $1.50 for a pack of 5 designs.  There are 3 packs in 3 different glittery, blingy colors.

Bottles of Glitter and Decorative Beads

Dollarama has bottles and bottles of glitter in so many colors.  It was difficult to narrow down the choices.  I used shades of purple to make the juice bottle glitter vases back in July.  For this giveaway, I chose green, gold, and blue, considering that Christmas is around the corner.  I also bought a six-pack of adorably cute bottles of micro beads in Christmas colors.

Spools of Ribbon

Sheer organza polka-dot ribbons in yellow, apple green, and fuschia pink.  Size: 1-1/2″ wide x 77″ long (4 cm x 2 m).  Two stylish satin ribbons with illustrated flower prints in green and red.  Size: 5/8″ x 72″ (1.5 cm x 1.8 m).

Magic Clay

I didn’t forget you, clay makers!  Dollarama doesn’t sell polymer clay, however they do sell these soft, light weight, air drying modeling clay packs similar to Crayola Model Magic .  Each pack is 1.4 oz (40 g), in green, pink, and purple.

Decorative Push Pins

I thought these little lady bugs and busy bees would be a fun addition to your home office or your children’s boards.  Each pack has 12 push pins.  You know I love making me my push pins such as the light bulb and Kill Bill push pins.

Sushi Erasers

When I was a kid, I had an obsession with erasers.  My mom would avoid taking me to stationery shops because I always threw a tantrum over buying paper and erasers to add to my colossal collection.  When I saw these as I shopped for crafty items, I couldn’t put them down.  My childhood obsession with erasers is likely equivalent to my current obsession with sushi as an adult.  I hope you or someone you know has an obsession with erasers and sushi, too.

Of course, there has to be a little bit of Halloween in the mix!

Miniature Pumpkins

I adore these!  The package comes with 12 teeny tiny pumpkins, about 1-1/4″ (3.5 cm) in diameter.  There can be many creative uses for these little guys, but last year, I used them as place card stands.

Halloween Cupcake Liners

Who can resist Halloween cupcakes?  These orange and black cupcake/muffin cups have a spider web design, are standard size, and come in a pack of 50 pieces.

Skull and Pumpkin Molds

These rubber ice cube trays make for great candy molds, too.  I used them last year to shape my pumpkin butter.


So how can you grab all this stuff for yourself or for your kids/grandkids/friends?  Please comment below before Monday, October 3, 2011, 10:31 pm EST.  Say anything that comes to mind — what your favorite posts were in the past year or what other ideas you want me to explore or the types of crafts you most enjoy or simply share your blog link with the rest of us or anything else you want to say!  I will count the number of comments, place the count in a number generator, and announce the giveaway winner with the winning comment number on Monday, October 3, 2011 after 10:31 pm EST.  And wherever you are in the world, I’ll be happy to ship to you!  Stay tuned!

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§ 40 Responses to birthday giveaway!

  • Heidi says:

    Halloween is my most favorite holiday! I like to think of it as the gateway holiday!

  • Deborah francis says:

    WOW!!! I want a Dollarama in my town. We have a Dollar Tree, and as much as I like that nothing is over a dollar, sometimes a little over can give you a big goodie. Maybe I need to open a $2 Tree… I would love these goodies as I have loved your blog!!!

  • You seriously got all of this for $32?!?! We don’t have a Dollarama, but clearly I need to visit one! I just googled it- none in the US. 😦 Oh, and I share your love of erasers. I had a huge collection as a kid. I haven’t started collecting the new ones, but I want to!

  • Deb Westbury says:

    Have a very Happy Birthday while I have a Happy Anniversary…they are on the same day…

  • Happy Halloween and Happy Birthday to you!! youngest daughter “Ruby” has her Birthday on Oct.26th…enjoy..o))

  • Betty Jo says:

    Okay so that is so cool… I want a dollarama near me.

  • Cindy G. says:

    Happy Birthday to you and your blog! This giveaway is worth it for the journal alone! I have a slight journal addiction. And, as I scrolled through the list of prizes, I couldn’t think how I could use the mini pumpkins, until I read that they could be used as place card holders. Brilliant! Just one more reason why I read you blog 😉

  • Nicola says:

    Love your blog and love this giveaway!!! Early birthday greetings from Ireland!

  • andrea says:

    Happy Birthday, Paper, Plate & Plane (and Jeromina too!). The finds from Dollarama are fab!

  • mary norman says:

    My family and I love Crafting. Your blog is awesome. Thanks.

  • Noreen says:

    You certainly had fun at Dollarama! I hope you have a very Happy Birthday and many more years of blogging! I enjoy the unusual projects you often create!

  • Mary says:

    I have been following you for almost the whole year, and have enjoyed all your posts. Your ideas are so amazing, because they are simple and easy, yet look so awesome. Thanks for sharing them with us, as well as your love story!
    Congratulations on the anniversary of your blog, and to you on your birthday.

  • Monica Barnes says:

    I don’t remember how I happened on you blog, but I’m glad I did. You are truly a creative person.

  • linda patti says:

    a very happy birthday to you! i had a table at a craft show today, and did pretty well! now i need to get back in my stamp room and make more STUFF for the next show, in NOV…I’m enjoying reading your blog!

  • isabel says:

    Happy birthday (both to you and your blog)! 🙂 I’ve enjoyed a lot of the projects here, you always have great ideas.

    Thanks for the great giveaway package (and for making it open to international readers).

  • pennydog says:

    Some really really cute stuff here, loving the ribbon especially but it will really work with my resin stuff- even the silicone trays!

  • Anonymous says:

    This looks like some wonderful fun is about to happen! I love reading your blog and especially enjoy the romantic updates and engagement photos. My fave make so far was the hand made silicon printing blocks… genius!

  • Happy Birthday! I follow your blog in a while, but do not comment because my English is very bad. Thanks for the contest, I win! In my town I have no Dollarama. I like handmade things and I have a blog too,, I invite you to see. Thanks again, kisses from Spain.

  • Cathy says:

    Hi, JJ
    Both my anniversary (36 yrs.) and my birthday (56 yrs.) are in October, so yeah, October ROCKS!
    I love your creativity, you have inspired me many times. Thanks for sharing your talents.

    Cathy Marler

  • Graceline says: I have a blog that very few follow so would appreciate any visitors please. You are marvelous at putting out an astonishing give away. Thanks for making this possible. We all await on bended knee.

  • Allison says:

    I discovered your blog somehow about the time we left the US to move to Holland last year, and now we are in Stockholm! It has been wonderful to follow your journey at the same time. I admire your blog particularly because all of the ideas are totally new and original, look amazing, but are actually do-able! The ultimate combination. Happiest birthday! Allison

  • betty says:

    I’ve following you for more than half a year now. And I love giveaways! This is great. Congratulations from Barcelona.

  • Happy Birthday Jeromina!!! I love the way you celebrate. This is a super generous giveaway. Dollarama must carry some awesome stuff if this is any indication. We have a dollar tree here but no dollarama.

    I’m brand new to your blog but just subscribed. I love any up-cycle, craft on the budget kind of thing. I’m having a giveaway too. Nothing like this but I’d love you to visit my blog.

    Thanks for letting me enter.
    Hugs….Tracy 🙂

  • Amber Guffey says:

    Happy birthday! I like your engagement photos posts. Those were my favorite.

  • I’m sooooooooooo jealous that you have a shop which has all this lovely stuff in it and so cheap! Crafting is an expensive little hobby in the UK. I know how you feel about a good notebook, I have a beautiful suede covered one at the moment and it’s got all my ideas for my blog in it – you never know when inspiration is going to strike!

  • Annika says:

    I’m from Spain and past August i’ve been to USA for the first time. I was so surprised about bigs crafts stores! I hope there will be in Spain someday! I bought lots of things!

  • cristina bla bla says:

    First of all happy happy birthday for this worderful year plenty of color, great ideas, delicius perfums from the kitchen, fun for my and sensekids, beauty for my home and beautiful sense of liberty following you in your travels
    Guys, you an your blog are nice and poetic; everything is a pleasure to follow, I do it for from little bit and I,m always happy with your posts:Your crafty ideas are go…od explained, illustrated, that invite you tmake them.One that i love is one not to much time post it that was the Menhdi inspired illustrated card, i find it fantastic and really beautiful.The recipes are fun and with imagination. Your travels are romantic and have good good photographs.
    Jeronima, Juan, yuo,ve make a great work this year and I wish you so many like this.
    This birthday giveaway haves a little bit of everything for making lots of lovely crafts and I hope to have luck so thankyou very much for it and also luck for the other.
    Kisses Cris

  • karen leblanc says:

    wow what a wonderful give away..Its pretty amazing what you can find at the local Dollarama when you look!!

  • kristen says:

    Just stumbled across your blog – can’t wait to try out some ideas!! I think I will start with halloween balloon body parts! LOVE IT!! =0)

  • oh happy crafting! what a wonderful way to share your birthday celebrations. i’m hoping to make your cupcake paper necklace but afraid it won’t turn out as gorgeous as yours did.

    happy happy!

  • Dede says:

    I want to win this for my own October birthday !! (Oct 5) =) I love love love your soda bottle tiaras. SO making one for my self to wear everywhere on my bday!! =)

  • Anonymous says:

    Happy birthday!
    My daughter has her 14th birthday today, too!
    We are from Russia, and my whole family love crafting. I will be happy to win anything.

  • Happy birthday!
    My daughter has her 14th birthday today, too!
    We are from Russia, and my whole family love crafting. I will be happy to win anything.

  • ParisGrrl says:

    I share your obsession with Turkish tile. Happily, there is no cure. 🙂

  • Kerry says:

    My kids love Halloween….would love to win to add to our decorations etc. 🙂

  • How fun & happy birthday! I love all your craft ideas. They keep me inspired!

  • Magz B. says:

    Happy birthday jeromina! 🙂 love all your artsy ideas, thanks for replying yo my emails 🙂

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