August 29, 2011 § 4 Comments

My brain went on intermission.  It did so amidst a 3-part post.  You’ll have to give it pardon.  It’s a mind of its own.  Its carefree desires could not be abated by the warm weather and summer sun and by life’s unexpected turns.  From time to time, my brain hurtles at a pace I cannot always control and of subjects I oft wish to ignore (or, like, bury; as in topics that I command to “Go hang out with Id and make yourselves scarce” type of repression).  This is quite contrary to what I recently said here in my culling of creative ideas (I may have actually written that post to avert my mind from going on holiday).

Well, believing I have every trick to control my mind, I gave it a free pass to do whatever it wants.  My brain checked out, “Sucker!”.   It chose to think nothing of D-I-Y for the month of August.  Perhaps for good reasons.

ONE: My second attempt at MSLO

Back in May, I mentioned my bizarre fateful experience in New York wherein a dysfunctional GPS led me to an inexistent gas station, in which place was Martha Stewart Living.  I mused over my lofty dreams of being a Crafts Associate at MSLO and my first unanswered application in 2009.  Well, quite coincidentally, a crafts position opened in June, less than three weeks after my NYC experience.  I applied, having waited for this opportunity for two years, all along rejoicing “It’s fate, it’s fate, it’s faaaaaate!”.  Well, the anticlimax: nothing happened.  Other than I held my breath for a good 6 weeks (right about the time my brain checked out).  To no avail and a bit to my sorrow.



These images are my portfolio samples of how NOT TO get hired by Martha.  In hindsight, I can presume they are actually not looking for an obvious “crafts” portfolio.  Perhaps my submission was too transparent.  I will certainly try again with a much different approach.  This attempt is not my last.

TWO: My job

This is a subject that is out of bounds for this blog, though I mentioned my frustrations in one recent post.  For now, my job consumes a lot of mental effort, primarily because I am learning everything as I go and secondly because I worry about the direction of my career.  But I discovered you can’t really plan life (not entirely)…


I did craft something this month.  I made a small 22-page photo journal in memory of my dear friend’s father who passed very unexpectedly this month.  Designing and making a hand-bound photobook may be an uncomplicated task, but it was the most difficult thing I’ve crafted for anyone.  Even more difficult was the moment I handed the finished book to my dear friend, and the subsequent moments she wept at the turn of every page, laugh-crying at the funny memories he left us of his magnificent life.  Truly, it is the small things that make the bigger gestures in life.  We have every ability to give love and joy and to lift away sadness and pain (even if it’s in small doses).

§ 4 Responses to intermission

  • Thanks for sharing your ‘struggle’ and I say it like that because nothing worthwhile comes easy…look how long it took Martha herself to become “Martha”! I enjoy all of your projects and can’t wait for everyone else to.

  • Kathy says:

    “We have every ability to give love and joy and to lift away sadness and pain (even if it’s in small doses).”

    Amen. That is true wisdom. Thanks for this (and for all your other great, truly creative and inventive and beautiful ideas). I loved making a ‘succulent city’ out of recycled milk boxes.

  • You have learned a lessong that will benefit you the rest of your life and that is that you can’t plan life. I learned that when my husband died at age 23. But, once you know that you are so free to accept what wonderful surprises there are for you. You are already experiencing it big time so plan one never knowing what to plan. LOL Don’t give up on Martha Stewart. My grand daughter Amy has had an obsession with Oprah since childhood. She found their toll free # when she was about 10 and called them just to chat on a regular basis. Fast forward 10 years and she has left the farm in NE to live and work in Chicago. No end to the strange experiences that got her there but not needed for this life lesson. She has had an interest in the problems in Africa so went to a huge rally in a park there to bring attention to the suffering of the Children of Darfur. These were taking place all across America and they kind of did a sit in until some celebrity came forward and got involved both with money and time. For some reason it just wasn’t happening.there until they were pretty much the only large city w/o a celeb. When it came time to go back to school, their numbers dropped alarmingly so they decided a change was in order and moved from the park to the sidewalk across the street from Oprah’s studio. Still nothing happening and losing numbers. Amy was out of work at the time and not inclined to go back to school so she hung around. No one ever saw a sign of O. but one morning a limo pulled up and out came O’s pal Gail. She came across the street to find out what they were up to. To make a long story short, Amy ended up on the show and then spening a wonderful 2 years on Africa. I’m looking forward to seeing how your mini-obsession turns out There are no limits unless you set them. I’m really enjoying your blog. My younger grands and I made the chickies out of egg cartons and had a great time plus they turned out great. I can’t wait to see what is next.

  • […] I’ve always dreamed of being employed as a crafter.  You’ve also read that I have twice applied for a full-time crafting position at Martha […]

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