golden chocolate sponge toffee nuggets

February 16, 2011 § 14 Comments

This week on Iron CraftChallenge #7: Midas Touch.  The challenge is to turn any item into gold.

Chocolate sponge toffee rocks are ones I’ve been eager to create for this blog  (I’ve specifically slated them as a treat for Earth Day in April).  The original intent was to paint the chocolate as realistically as I could portray the surface and texture of rocks.  Despite this post today, I am still determined to create that specific project in April as originally intended.  But I simply couldn’t resist making some alterations to those plans when I saw the images of gold leaf chocolate and gold leaf decorated rocks on Iron Craft for this week’s challenge.  Who could resist the combination of edible rocks made of chocolate, sponge toffee, and gold?

O.T. flew into town over the weekend to spend Valentine’s week with me here on my side of the continent.  An aside: I’d like this to be the explanation on record for my inexistent posts over the past seven days.  Aside aside, while shopping this week, coincidentally, we came across bricks of sponge toffee.  He had never seen them in that form before, so I was given an extra reason to pick them up for him to try.  His being here is my waist’s saving grace, otherwise I’d eat this all up on my own  — I’ve granted him jurisdiction over half of the lot.

You will need: sponge toffee brick (for Canadians, I found these for $0.99 at Giant Tiger, but they are also sold for $1.49 at Bulk Barn), chocolate, and edible gold dust (dilute with vanilla extract).

Using a knife, chop the sponge toffee brick into 1″ to  2″ chunks.  Dip in melted chocolate and set.  Paint with edible gold.

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