sheep plush out of mitts and gloves

January 16, 2011 § 28 Comments

So you’re wondering what to do with an unused faux-wool car wash mitt, an old pair of black fleece mitts, and an old pair of black chenille gloves (you’re not alone,  it’s been a confounding daily ponderable for me, too).  Well, with these items, you can make a new friend.

That’s right, I made this lovable little sheep using the above variety of mitts and gloves.  I picked up the car wash mitt from Dollarama a while back, saving it from a life of grimy slavery.  Perhaps my American readers can rescue a similar mitt from the Dollar Tree.  The advantage of living through blistering cold Canadian winters is I have a stash of old mittens and gloves to append to the car wash mitt.

To recreate this little fellow:

1. Sever the thumb off one of the fleece mitts.

2. On the second fleece mitt, cut along the side opposite the thumb.  Stop once you reach the length equal to where the thumb is joined.

3. On that same mitt, cut the cuff.

4. Sew the thumb on the open side of the second mitt (both turned inside out).  Sew the mitt shut.

5. Cut a slit along the middle of the mitt, the length of the car wash mitt cuff.  Turn right side out.

6. Cut together in one piece the index and middle fingers of the chenille gloves (pairs of legs).  On one of the gloves, sever the thumb (tail).

7. Turn the car wash mitt inside out.  Rip small openings in the seams for the legs and the tail.

8. Fill the legs and tail with the remaining unused fingers of the gloves.  Feed through the designated openings and sew onto the open seams of the car mitt.

9. Turn the car wash mitt right side out.  Fill with your choice of material.  I suggest the leftover pieces of mitts and scraps of an old sweater.

10.  Fill the head.  Wrap the opening around the cuff and sew together.  Add eyes.  My own eyes were set on the big googlies.

I know I won’t miss the mitts and gloves, now that I have something else to love.


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