red bean and green tea tiramisu

December 9, 2010 § 1 Comment

There’s no better time of year to make red and green themed sweets.  Having missed an opportunity to devour desserts in Japan with O.T. this week, I proceeded with making a Japanese-inspired red bean and green tea dessert here at home.

 After discovering the black rose and French vanilla tea-ramisu (served in chocolate tea cups, no less) conceived by the young and talented Tammi at Insatiable Munchies, I was motivated to give my own take on tea-ramisu.

 If you frequent Asian bakeries and bubble tea shops, you are likely no stranger to the conventional pairing of red adzuki beans and matcha green tea.  Both flavors are quite distinct, yet with delicate subtlety.  This sensational pair offers a quite exotic, albeit peculiar, flair to the much-loved Italian coffee-based dessert.  In the end, I’m really pleased with the risk taken.

1 tbsp green tea powder dissolved in 2-1/4 c hot water, cooled

4 c water

2/3 c adzuki beans

3/4 c sugar

2/3 c heavy cream

1-1/2 c mascarpone cheese

18 savoiardi fingers

 In a saucepan, boil water with adzuki beans until beans are softened throughout (approximately 45 minutes).  Add sugar and continue boiling until all liquid is dissolved.  Cool.  In a food processor, process beans with the heavy cream until it forms a creamy paste.  In a bowl, fold the adzuki bean paste into the mascarpone cheese until combined.

 In a large tea pot, arrange 6 savoiardi fingers.  Slowly spoon 3/4 c of green tea over the savoiardi fingers, allowing the tea to absorb.  Layer a third of the mascarpone mixture.  Repeat with two more layers.  Cool.  Serve in tea cups.

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