peppermint favor boxes

November 27, 2010 § 6 Comments

As I mentioned in a post almost two weeks ago, I was preparing favor boxes for the fundraiser, Music + Kids = Joy! on Saturday, November 20th.  For this year’s event, I designed these tempting peppermint favor boxes, which I filled with some of my delicious peppermint candy cane Po’ Boy Truffles.  These charming packages are also perfect for any homemade peppermint bark or candy cane shortbread.

They are uncomplicated and extremely cheap, each requiring only two styrofoam bowls and some strips of red electrical tape.  You can get a package of 50 styrofoam bowls for about $2 at grocery stores and a spool of red electrical tape for less than $1 at hardware stores.  That means, for a total $3, you can make 25 of these adorably cute boxes!

1. Take two styrofoam bowls and cut off the rim.  With your scissors, you can follow the innermost ridge on the rim of the bowl to ensure the circle is cut evenly.

2. Fill one bowl with treats and top with the second bowl as a lid.  Tape closed with strips of red electrical tape at four quadrants of the bowl.

3. Cut narrow strips of red electrical tape (you can divide the tape into three equal widths).  Tape a narrow strip in the middle of each quadrant.

Here’s a handy assembly tip: I measured the length of the curve of the bowl and multiplied that by two to get the full length of each strip.  Then, I measured and cut all the strips.  To make the narrow strips, I placed pre-cut lengths on a cutting mat and cut each lengthwise into three equal widths.  All of my strips were ready before applying them to the bowls.  When I create favor boxes in huge quantities, I often embody a one-woman revolving assembly line.

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