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November 5, 2010 § 13 Comments

I went a little crazy with yesterday’s corn kernel and pasta craft.  I had forgotten just how much fun it was to do those things.  An idea occurred to me that, over time, I should do a series of crafts based on childhood art techniques.  But I was so inspired, I couldn’t wait for the next time.  My enthusiasm caught me going wild with another bean art project before the day ended yesterday.  Before I show you the product of that adventure, I want to first show where the inspiration and adventure originated: Istanbul.Iznik Tile Topkapi Place

I had the privilege of visiting Istanbul with O.T. in August.  I had gotten adequately acquainted with Turkish culture long before planning the trip.  O.T. has schooled me on Turkey’s rich history, splendid sights, tempting culinary fare, and exotic language .  Even with all that homework, I was wide-eyed in awe as I witnessed it all firsthand. Iznik Tile Topkapi PalaceWhat took me most by surprise were the İznik tiles.  I had previously read about them in preparation for my trip, but reading books can no way  allow one to gauge the opulence and scale of these decorative works of art.  They are lavish!  There are buildings covered in every inch with these tiles, wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling.  I was so awestruck, I wanted to take pictures in front of every İznik tile pattern I crossed (to O.T.’s dismay who had gotten tired of taking pictures of me and tiles).  Here’s only a few of what I had seen at Topkapı Palace.  Now if you can imagine these tiles being multiplied a thousand fold, pattern after pattern, everywhere you look.  If these beauties do not inspire, I don’t know what would!Iznik Tile Topkapi PalaceIznik Tile Topkapi Palaceiznik tile Topkapi Palace

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  • gözde says:

    hey there,
    it is wonderful to see İznik tiles in foreign blogs becuse we Turks do not know their importance.Also we can’t protect them.Many of them were stolen by years.I am very glad to see that how istanbul and tiles inspire you.I adore Istanbul sooo much that i will change my university to live there soon.I am an interior architect design undergraduate student and i love art.So, if you want, I love to give information about Turkey,culture,art,etc.Your crafting and entertaining ideas were cool.
    like to read your website..
    (by the way sorry for my bad englis >.> )

    • Jeromina says:

      Merhaba Gözde,
      Selamlar! Thank you for reading my blog and for writing to me. 🙂 I love everything to do with the Turkish culture — the history, the art, the food, and of course, the people! It sounds exciting that you are considering moving to Istanbul. I fell in love with Istanbul and I would love to return many times again in the future. I’d love to know more about the architecture programs at universities in Turkey especially because you have all of the architecture history at their doorstep! Lucky! After reading your comment, I think I’ll finally post the third part of my Istanbul trip (I already did the İznik tiles and my favourite Turkish food, so I’ll do the historical sites next).
      Do not apologize, your English is fantastic!

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  • betul says:

    hello , i am from istanbul.. i am so happy that you visited my city. istanbul is so wonderfull.. we are waiting you again!!

  • Shirley says:

    I grew up in Turkey as an American child of an Air Force man. My family spent many, many weekends wandering around Istanbul. It is the most magical city I have ever been in (and I have traveled extensively). It is my dream to return to Istanbul before I die. Thank you for featuring the culture, the art, and the cuisine of Turkey in your blog. I am so home-sick now. But it is a good feeling. Merhaba to you also.

  • yasmin says:

    what’s a beautiful blog! 🙂 i was born in Germany but i’m Turkish. And i love my countrey…i’m so happy for your “istanbul’s love”.Because istanbul is awesome city…Come back again! 🙂

  • […] design to include in this list of giveaways.  Of course, I chose the one that most looks like Turkish tiles (as you may know, I have a weakness for anything Turkish).  I happen to carry a huge notebook (yes, […]

  • Pati Gulat says:

    I ADORE Turkey & love everything to do with the Turkish culture. I lived in Izmir when my dad was in the Air Force and visited Istanbul MANY years later. I would really love to take my husband over there as well since my heart is truly there. :o)

  • IstTrpAdvsr says:

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  • Lisa says:

    Although I have lived in Greece now for almost 30 years, I did live and work in both Istanbul and Ankara many years ago and also fell head over heels in love with Turkey. Wonderful people, such diverse countryside and history and the food! Oh my!!! Did you manage to get to the Tile museum while you were In Istanbul? It is behind the Blue Mosque? That is a wonderful place to view tiles of old. If you love tiles, take a trip to Morocco and to Tunisia … so many wonderful places to explore on this earth!
    I read about your blog on Craft Daily and will surely make those ingenious no-cutting stamps! What a clever idea that is.
    Thank you so much for spending the time to share with all of us, Lisa

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